Recycled Valentine

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Here is my sugar free/fat free/calorie free Valentine's Day gift for a dear friend of mine. Ironically, this friend is slim and trim but she loves to receive small do-dads that she can use in stamping. I thought this would be the perfect gift to put a smile on her beautiful face this Valentine's Day!(ya, I know. Her husband will do something wonderful I'm sure, but I'll bet he doesn't get her anything THIS cool!!)LOL

Supplies: Empty Valetines Candy Box, sheet of background paper, adhesive, stamps of your choice, ribbons/embellishments, candy cups (I used Wilton's), small items to include inside the box. And of course, a friend to give it to!!

Using the lid of the box as a template, trace the shape onto the backside of a decorative sheet of paper.

Attach the background paper to the top of the heart box. This paper is a luxurious velvet design that I got as a gift from my BFF Judy! What a friend!!

I put several small stamping related gift items in my candy cups. A very sugar free Valentine's gift :)

I removed the guard from this corner punch so I could punch cardstock along the edge.

Punch individual hearts along a strip of paper, then cut the hearts apart so they can be attached to the back of a heart shape.

Add the individual scallop punches to the backside of a heart shape (see completed project photo for the heart shape I used in this project from Michael Strong Stamps)

Finished Valentine!!


Anonymous said...

OMG this is wonderful. So elegant and stunning. Thank you so much for sharing. Sure wish I was a receipient of one of those boxes. I love them.


NIfty said...

OMG....I just figured out I posted my thoughts on your recycled heart in the wrong area ....I'm so embarrassed !Just love your work .

kellyrae said...

LOVE it Kathie! Only you would keep the boxes for a YEAR. And thanks for that tip to make heart flourishes to further embellish the lid. Totally cute!

Etha said...

Oh this is just wonderful! I love recycling projects, this looks super!! thanks for showing the process!

Diana Gibbs said...

OMG! This is the most awesomest are the bombiest of the bombs....

Hugs, Di

P.s. Email me about Prescott will ya?