Halloween Popcorn Hands

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“Halloween Popcorn Hands”
©Copyright 2006 Kathie McGuire

Begin with a clear plastic glove (like the ones used for handling food). As a second choice, a latex glove (like the ones used in the medical profession) will work although not as transparent, so opt for the clear gloves if you can find them. I bought mine at the dollar store~there were 100 in the package. If you choose the latex gloves, be sure that your glove is NOT powdered inside in case your recipient wants to eat the popcorn.

Begin by filling the glove with popped popcorn. Tie the top of the glove with a rubber band or a twist tie.

Prepare a tag and ribbon and attach the tag to the top of the glove with the decorative ribbon so that it covers the rubber band or twist tie. (tags made on the “Your Life A to Z” show were made with a Sizzix die cutter and the “Scalloped Pocket Tag” and “Ghosts” die cuts).

I purchased fake fingernails in the Halloween aisle at a retail store. I used the glue tabs that came in the package to attach the nails to the plastic gloves. I bought the skull rings but could only find them in white~that didn’t show up very well on the fingers. A quick spray with a can of regular black spray paint worked like a charm. The rings were small (probably made for children’s size fingers) so I snipped the band of the ring with scissors and opened them up and just placed them on each ring finger of the hands.

Like this project? OK then, give me a hand!!! Happy Haunting!!