Recycled Candle Jar Lid Paperweight

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1. Recycle a glass lid from a used/discarded jar candle. Remove the plastic ring from the lid and discard it.

2. Stamp the Michael Strong Stamps Cloisonné Circle image and cut it out.

3. Push the image into the lid. It will bend and curl to fit inside the opening.

4. Tie ribbon around the side of the lid. Fill the opening wih clear plastic pony beads.

5. Punch a circle from cardstock, making sure the circle size is appropriate for the opening. Glue the circle to the glass rim with fabric glue.

6. Stamp, color and cut out the circle image again and attach it to the cardstock on the bottom for a “reversible” paperweight (see example on finished “bottom view”).


FireCracker082 said...

OH!! I love this! Wish I'd seen it BEFORE I cleaned out my candle a unique and beautiful creation!

Ret said...

Kathie, this is very clever! and it came out so pretty!! I just ran & looked to see if I had kept any covers & I have 2!!! I'll have to give this a try! hurray! thanks for this wonderful idea. I love how yours came out so beautifuly!!

Shallale Figaro said...

I always check all the blogs that our co-scrappers send, and even though I am rarely so enthusiast to do / scraplift any of their shown work despite the fact that most of them look beautiful and well done.

But have to admit for once this project you showing us is not only is F A B U L O U S but very clever. I reaaaaaaaaally want and can't wait to make a similar one. Although I do not have this Michael Strong Stamp (as a matter of fact I do not owe any of them - shame on me!) but I can draw something similar or at least something I like.

Again thank you for this project and mostly for the tutorial, I was inspired of doing "my own" .

I admire as well, other projects on your blog. Two thumbs up for you and as my father would say : YOU ROCK!


stampqueen said...

What a great idea!!!! I will definatly have to try this!!!! It will combine 2 of my addictions - stamping and candles...LOL

Anonymous said...

Kathie! Awesome idea! I love it when we can repurpose our trash! great job chickie!
Debi Nicol at yahoo dot com

TN Granny said...

What a wonderful idea, how clever you are. Thanks for sharing this your a genius.
Stampin Hugs,

ChrissyM said...

Very clever!!!

Chrissy D said...

This is GORGEOUS too Kathy! Love it! TFS!