Boo Bubbles

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I'm bubbling over with excitement about this ADORABLE project!! Wish I could claim the original idea, but like we stampers sometimes do, we CASE (Copy And Share Everything)! In this case (ya, I meant to say that) I CASED an idea I saw on the Papertrey newsletter that I receive in my email inbox regularly. So cute and I loved it so much that I did a TV segment this morning demo'ing how to make these little treasures.

I purchased the mini-bottles of bubbles at a local Dollar Tree store. You can find them in the wedding section in a box of 12 for a dollar!! What a deal!!

I used the Hanna Stamps Halloween set and stamped a 1" x 4" computer label with the bat and the text stamp "Boo". I wrapped the label around the bottle, cut an 8" length of ribbon (can you see I was lucky enough to find ribbon with the word Boo printed on it? Shazaam!!!) and tied it around the top of the bottle just beneath the lid. Lastly, I added a plastic child's ring to the bottle by snipping the ring's band apart and then pushing it onto the bottle.

Could a Halloween project be any easier?? And the real bonus is how much the kids (not to mention the adults) LOVE playing with these. And another bonus is that this is a great project for the kids to take to school if the school doesn't allow candy (I didn't realize some of the schools are implementing this policy but they are.)

Wishing all of you a Big Bubbly Happy Halloween!!! Enjoy!!!!!!


Hope in Michigan said...

This is awesome! She seems like a very studious girl who is proud of what she does. Good for her and good for you for mentoring her along and letting her use your supplies. This is a school project that she'll keep and cherish forever.

Amaryllis said...