Jungle Parrots

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Image is "I Brake For Stamps" http://www.ibrakeforstamps.com/

Technique (for coloring the image) is something I learned at http://www.techniquejunkies.com/

I actually used two different stamps, both from I Brake For Stamps.
I stamped the image twice~my first image became the main one. The second image I used to cut up and add to the lower right hand corner of the card. The image at the upper left hand corner of the card was borrowed from another great I Brake For Stamps image~it's part of a gorgeous stamp featuring 3 cockatoos sitting on a branch in a similar jungle setting. It was fun to combine the two and I thought this was a nice way to get extra mileage out of two stamps!

I poked the holes with a push pin and used an awesome tool called a Fiber Friend from Timeless Touches. It's intended for use with fibers and stitching etc but I find it incredible for this use here. It's a plastic ruler with lots of great marks and holes that you can poke through. I like it for larger format cards like this one (5 1/2" X 6") because the ruler is about 12" long. A Google search will tell you who carries and sells them.