Photo Purse

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Photo Purse
Copyright 2006 Kathie McGuire

Main Body of Purse
Section 1: (1) 5” X 11” piece of cardstock scored at 5” and 10”
Section 2: (1) 5” X 10” piece of cardstock scored at 5”

Purse Flap
(1) 3 ½” X 5 ¼” piece of cardstock scored at 1 ½”

Outside Back Cover
(1) 5 ¼” X 5 ¼” piece of cardstock

Outside Front Cover
(1) 5 ¼” X 5 ¼” piece of cardstock

Fold sections 1 and section 2 at the score lines.

Attach section 1 and section 2 together by gluing the 1” section of the cardstock on section 1 to section 2. Accordion fold.

*Here’s a GREAT tip: Hold the cardstock vertically and let it slightly expand. From the side, it should look like a “W”. Then, attach the outside front and outside back covers. This insures that the photo purse will be constructed properly. Now continue…………

Glue the outside back cover to the last piece of the main body. Glue the outside front cover to the first piece of the main body.

Attach the purse flap to the outside back cover and fold over. Apply hook and loop tape for closure. For an added flair, cut the purse flap to a point or punch the corners with a decorative punch. .

Glue a 30” piece of ribbon at the middle fold, back side of photo purse. Wrap around to the front and tie in a knot to form a handle.

Fill with your favorite photos and ENJOY!!


Anonymous said...

I am impressed with Ms.McGuires' skill and obvious creativity. Her ideas are both fresh and exciting.
Keep up the work Kathie. I would like to see what more you have.

Anonymous said...

lately I'm into these inspirational BLOGS, & Kathy---thank you for sharing your ideas & thoughts---your picture tells it all!You are *very* talented & don't mind teaching thru your blog. Again..thanks!