Your Life A to Z

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Join me for some great rubberstamping and paper crafting projects on Phoenix's Channel 3 TV show "Your Life A to Z" with host, Lisa Haffner. For show information, visit


Kathleen A. Harrod said...

I just caught the segment on Your Life A to Z on Monday, 4-9-07 and loved it. I just got into stamping and scrapbooking so I am looking everywhere for ideas. I love the morning show with Lise and Gail, and of course Dave Owens (as my maiden name was Owens from the Upstate NY Owens's) Can't wait until I get time to do the boxes. We've got 6 kids, 8 grandkids, a elderly mom whom suffers from Alzheimers so my time is precious but I needed an outlet of my own and stamping it is!!! Keep up the great work. said...

I was lucky enough to catch the show, and Kathie's ideas were great! Please have her on the show
more often. I love "Your Life A to
Z" and watch it every opportunity
that I can. But, this segment with
Ms. McGuire was excellent. You may
consider having her as a regular.
She certainly has the personality
and talent to pull it off. Great
job! l.w.