Altered Eyeglass Case Box

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This was such a fun recycling/repurposing project! I rescue these eyeglass case boxes from a local optometrist and have had so much fun altering them.

The original color was brown and it was in good shape, so why recover? I left well enough alone and just added to the box. The lace is from a local fabric mill-ends store and the "feet" on the box are recycled beads from an old necklace.

I decorated the top of the box with a strip of drywall tape--it's available at all of the hardware stores. So cheap, too. About $6 for a giant roll. The best thing is about it is that it's self adhesive. Thanks drywallers for making another great embellishment for the papercrafting world! =)

I found a fabulous tutorial for making these flowers over Swirlydoos. Go HERE to see the tutorial--then, make some yourself!

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