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I just got this new set of stamps from Firecracker Designs by Pamela, and I'm having so much fun with them. There are numerous images on this sheet of horses in every shape and size along with some hilarious text "horse sayings". I'm such a fan of Dancing With The Stars (NOT So You Think You Can Dance--but it's dance related just the same), so I HAD to use it on this card.

I'm especially fond of Paint horses, so my horse is naturally a Paint!!! Add to that, this image looks strikingly like the Gypsy Vanner breed--a breed of horse which tugs at my heart strings every time I see one. I was giddy with excitement when my stamps arrived--or should I say "giddy-up" with excitement? Well, anyway I was really happy! I colored my Paint Gypsy Vanner with a technqiue called Pencil Over Marker. I learned it over at Technique Junkies.

The base card is from a great company called Creative Cuts and More. It made the designing portion of this project a snap! I am suprised at all the time I save with that one simple change in card designing. Starting out with a pre-cut base is really a great way to begin. The other cardstock layers are from The Paper Temptress.

Lastly, my brads are from Scrappin Deals n Steals.

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Riet said...

Very pretty, I love the colors

bonnie320002 said...

I learn something new about you every time I visit with you. I didn't know you had such a love for the equestrian way of life. I'd like it, but someone else would have to muck out the stables lol!

Great card! I love the paisley cuttlebug folder you chose for the background; a perfect compliment to the western theme.

wwilloww said...

Your card is adorable!! So you think you can dance is currently my favorite show, and I too love horses and used to ride all the time!! Not so for many years though... LOL and I think the horses are collectively breathing a sigh of relief!!!

ModernaDesignsArt said...

I love horses! Years ago, I used to do dressage for 2.5 years, 4 times a week. Your card reminded me of it. It's adorable - the colors, the composition - all perfectly in place.
Dorly Weitzen, Israel

Tammy said...

Lovely card! I stop anytime I see anything with a horse. I rode all my life and I have my son in Therapeutic horseback riding.