Nail Polish Isn't Always For Nails!

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Who thought nail polish was only for your nails????

This card was made with the "Nail Polish Backgrounds", a great technique I learned years ago at Technique Junkies.

My friend came over to craft the other day and she brought with her 3 bottles of blue/green/teal nail polishes. I couldn't wait to dig into them and start playing. So, this is the first card that I created.

I didn't stop with just making backgrounds. I figured out that painting the half circular plastic beads that I purchased at Michael's ($6 for a bag of 1,000 in the floral section) made for some spectacular opaque Faux Dew Drops. Woot!! And it's wonderful to be able to make them to MATCH the project.

After making the background, I Cuttlebug'd the piece of cardstock. I loved it so much I didn't want to put a single thing on it to cover up one little inch of the background.

UPDATE: A few papercrafter's have asked me how I painted such a small object. Easy! I put two sided tape on a piece of scratch paper. Then, I placed the drops onto the tape and painted them. Let them dry and when you're ready to use them, they easily come off the tape.

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Dragonfly Garden said...

Can you show us how you paint the pearls? I would think it might be difficult to hold them and paint them indiviually.

Mari said...

This looks fantastic! I tried the nail polish technique, but it kept flaking off the paper. You've inspired me to give it another shot. :)

bonnie32002 said...

Oh I love, love, love this! And I too have used nail polish on some of my creations.

I am so going to have to look for that bag of floral thingy you talked about. I'm heading to Michael's with a coupon in my hand tomorrow on my lunch!

Aimeslee said...

Awesomely gorgeous, Kathie. Gonna haveta look up that technique! xoxo

Firenze said...

Oh it's so fun and lovely! TFS
Helen -- Firenze Cards

Jodi said...

Beautiful project, Kathie! Thank you soo, for the update on how you painted the beads -- gonna have to give that a whirl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trash to Treasure card...Loved It!!!