Lifesaver Firecrackers

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Make your holiday more special with these fast, easy and VERY inexpensive 4th of July favors. These are Lifesaver candies with the wrappers removed and replaced with a new hand-stamped wrapper. The red/white striped firecracker is the hand-stamped version of the group with the stripes image and the star image both from one of my favorite rubberstamp companies, DRS Designs. Perfect for this project!! (a link to the DRS website is on the sidebar of this blog). After I made the new wrapper, I attached it to the roll of Lifesavers and lastly, poked a hole in the end of the roll and inserted 4" lengths of foil garland inside the hole.

As a note, some of the other firecrackers were made from regular PVC pipe lengths that I had laying around in the garage (very frugal crafter here). I covered them with aluminum foil and also stuffed some foil inside the PVC pipe too. (The inside of the pipe has to have something of substance so that the wired foil garland~or string in some cases~be poked into it. I covered the firecracker with regular background papers.


Mistylynn said...

These are great. Love 'em!

Judi said...

I love your firecrackers Kathy. Thanks for sharing. Will make some for my grandson.


Deanna said...


Just LOVE 'EM!!!

Chrissy D said...

Oh this is SO festive. I especially love the fire crackers coming out fo the top! I bet those are some tasty treats too! Thanks for the idea!

Sunshine said...

Wow! What a great idea - I love it! Will have to try it out! Thank you :-)
Sunshine NZ