Nugget Bunnies

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Meet the Nugget Bunnies just in time for Easter! Make your own by following this easy "recipe".
Bunny's bodies are Hershey's Nuggets. Cover the nugget with a stamped/decorated adhesive label. I used a 1" X 3" Avery label. Wrap the label around the nugget. The stamps for both the female and male bunny's heads are from The Angel Company. This stamp set RETIRED a few years ago and is no longer available. However, any stamp will suffice as long as it is in proportion to the size of the candy nugget. The head is attached with a piece of double sided tape. Pom poms are from WalMart or Michael's~they are also attached with double sided tape. Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter!!


Cathy M said...

Love your bunnies. They're PRICELESS!

Shar said...

Too cute!

Beth Norman said...

These are way too cute!

Anonymous said...

The bunnies are very cute. Wish the bunny stamps were available for purchase.

Chrissy said...

These are adorable! I wouldn't even hit the candy they are so adorable and I love chocolate. LOL!


Claudia said...

oh my ghosh Kathie... these are soo cute.
i would love to come and stamp with you :-)
thank you so much.

Claudia said...

way cute.
i love it

Anonymous said...

The bunnies are adorable - why, oh, why, do you keep using retired SU stamps that I don't own.

Love you bunches - bonnie